In 2000, the author took the book INTRODUCTION TO ORIENTALISM, already exhausted in its first edition, and pulled him almost his entire 2nd half, republishing it with the name STARTED WITH ORIENTALISMO by the label New Era of Editora Record, as part of the collection “Initiation”. This old work renewed Seal New Era, when reviewed, won an addendum on the Dalai Lama and the Chinese presence in Tibet. This book exposes what is Orientalism and synthesizes all thought of India, China, Japan and Tibet. Appear Yoga and its variations, Buddhism in its various versions, the I-Ching and Taoism, Zen, Bushido and the Tibetan thought. It also includes considerations about the main ideas of the East in the West, namely: karma, reincarnation, psychic corporeality, mental power and cosmic consciousness. In contrast, the new publication lost a study of the influence of Orientalism on Western culture, covering the areas of philosophy, science, psychoanalysis, art (visual arts, dance, music, theater and literature), including the issue of the counterculture and prejudice on the existing East West.






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